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Thanks for taking the time to go through the questions we get on a regular basis. Please be clear that we're  not a hiring agency, nor do we make any promises of getting you employment. We do one thing – We provide you with vacant jobs that you can search and apply for. Use of this website is free of charge. 

Is there a big selection of types of work?

Absolutely yes! Although the types of companies vary at any given time there are always hundreds of jobs and opportunities being offered at any given time. There is always plenty to choose from. Examples include, consumer opinion surveys, focus groups, polls, computer work, field surveys, writers, artists, simple sales, easy marketing, craft work, sewing, assembly, telemarketing, small home-based business start-ups and more... Again, although there is always a big selection of opportunities to choose from, the exact mix and types may vary at any given time.

Can I still work at home even though I am not experienced?

Everyone is good at something. You don't have to be a computer programmer or fast typist to work at home. There are many opportunities accessible through your membership that cater to people with limited or no skills. There are also many opportunities where specific skills, education and references will be required. We can help you find what you are looking for.

When can I start working from home?

This greatly depends on the company that you are applying to. Many of the companies will hire you immediately; a few may put you on a waiting list until a job that you desire becomes available. Some of the companies may not hire you depending on your qualifications, your geographical location, or the current availability of the position you are seeking. We do advise you to respond quickly to increase your chances of obtaining your preferred type of position.

Should I pay for a work-at-home job?

You should never have to pay for a work at home job. Anything that asks for money to get started or to find out more information is mostly likely an opportunity where you may or may not earn any money, or a scam. The only time you may need to pay anything to start a job is if certain equipment or software is required to perform the job e.g. a headset for customer service work, a foot pedal for transcription work, or specific software programs for web design or other skilled work.

I'm not in the US, can I find a work at home job?

Absolutely. The vacant jobs posted here are all work from home related so you can be based anywhere globally and still apply (providing you qualify for the position) . However there are times when the employer will require workers from a specific location, in the event they meet for weekly meetings etc. That will be made clear in the job posting.

Can you give me a work at home job?

We cannot give you a job. Just like searching for a job offline, you'll need to look for a suitable job yourself. If you find a job lead that matches your skills and apply for the job make sure that your resume and cover letter are the best they can be and give a great first impression to any prospective employer. Your resume and cover letter can make you stand out (or not) from other people that are also applying for the same job.

* If your concern was not addressed here, please go to the contact Us page to send us an email. Our support staff is ready and willing to assist.